Boxing aces on roll call after four decades – there was once one Yugoslavia

Pride, dignity, tears in the eye, strong emotions, but above all a great and eternal love for noble skill and representation and friends. In short, it is a picture from the “Aleksandar Nikolić” hall, where on May 20, 2018, the coach of the 1978 national team of Yugoslavia was Slavko Šorgić (90 years old) after four decades of the World Boxing Championship held in the then “Pionir” hall and where he achieved the greatest success in the history of our boxing, he called out his golden boxers.
Under the arches of the Belgrade sports beauty “Pionir”, six silver and one bronze medal were won for Yugoslavia in 1978, which marked the golden history of tribal skill in our region.

Writers of that history gathered after 40 years in the same place, in the hall that now bears the name “Aleksandar Nikolić”. “Seven Magnificent Ones” on Sunday, May 20, evoked memories from the biggest boxing show that was held in our area and reminded us of the moment when they entered eternity. Four decades later, boxing aces of our country appeared on the roll call of coach Šorgić and left their hearts on the field in the ring: Slobodan Kačar (silver), Dragomir Vujković (silver), Fazlija Šaćirović (silver), Tadija Kačar (silver), Miodrag Perunović (silver) ), and our champions from other competitions (EP, WC) Ace Rusevski (silver), Velizar Jevtic (bronze).

Happy and overwhelmed with emotions, they remembered the moments of great happiness and satisfaction, which they won in the sweat of their brows in the Pionir hall, which some of them had not stepped into for a full 40 years.
“I came from Macedonia to see my friends, to remember all those moments that are related to this jubilee, which is the true picture of the former Yugoslavia, when we were united and no one could do anything to us,” said Ace Rusevski, our multiple champion.

The silver ace of the World Cup from 1978 in the welterweight category, Miodrag Perunović, was not a place of historical success for four decades.
“I am here for the first time after the final. I was on the verge of shedding a tear because my feelings were mixed. After 40 years, we went out to the center of “Pionir” where the ring stood in 1978 and kept silent, remembering everyone going out to the ring, anxiety, but also a positive charge and desire to win, as well as celebrations in front of the beautiful stands. Our hearts will never forget that “- Perunović pointed out.

Medals for Yugoslavia at the 1978 World Cup in Belgrade were won by:

  • Fazlija Sacirovic (bantamweight category) – silver medal
  • Bratislav Ristic (featherweight) won a silver medal. On that road, he defeated the Swede Radman (5: 0), the American Jumavan (5: 0), the boxer of the USSR Ribakov (4: 1) and the Venezuelan Esperagoz (5: 0). In the final, he was defeated by Cuban Angelo Herrera 1: 4.
  • Memet Bogujevci (semi-welterweight) – silver medal. He defeated Romanian Kucov (4: 1), Pole Gajda (4: 1) and East German Krieger (3: 2). In the final, he was defeated by Valery Lviv from the Soviet Union (0: 5).
  • Miodrag Perunović (welterweight) – silver medal.
  • Slobodan Kačar (middle) – bronze medal. He defeated the Israeli Caspian by technical knockout in the first round, then the South Korean boxer Chang Jung Kal (4: 1) and the Soviet fighter Shaposhnikov (3: 2). In the semifinals, he was defeated by Cuban Jose Gomez. Gomez became the world champion with a triumph in the final.
  • Tadija Kačar (light heavyweight) – silver medal. He defeated the Bulgarian Ljubenov (5: 0) and Bauha (4: 1) from East Germany. In the final, he was defeated by the Cuban Sixto Soria (1: 4).
  • Dragomir Vujković (heavy) – silver medal. In the final, he was defeated by the Cuban Theophilus Stevenson.

The splendor of the champion – “seven magnificent boxers” will never fade, it is as eternal as their hearts and love for sports.