Support for Novak Djokovic from Vladimir Mironchikov, bronze medalist at the 2021 World Boxing Championships for Serbia

The winner of the bronze medal for Serbia at the 2021 World Boxing Championships, Vladimir Mironchikov, is horrified by what is happening to the best tennis player in the world, Novak Djokovic, who is in Australia detained in a hotel for refugees and emigrants in Melbourne, where he will face Monday and trial. Novak is going to court regarding the appeal filed by his legal team, after the Serbian tennis player’s residence visa in Australia was revoked and his deportation from the country was ordered.

Mironchikov extends full support to world and Serbian sports ace Novak Djokovic:

“A timeless, primordial sports hero of the planet, a humanist, a man of flesh and blood, heart and soul who will never appear before and never after, an inspiration to all of us who tread the same sports tracks that are not easy and sweet, that require daily sacrifice.” work, strength, will, desire, perseverance, virtues without which you cannot reach Olympus. This is Novak Djokovic, my brother in Serbia, a country of proud, dignified, noble and brave people! The evil forces of the world have conspired these days against such a man, the best tennis player on the planet and under the veil of that democracy that eats small children and everything else, they conduct their political games for their own chairs and wealth. In front of the eyes of the whole world, they are terrorizing Novak in a monstrous way in the land of kangaroos, but they do not know that the heavenly peoples Serbs and Russians respond to all the oppressions served by them from all over the world with Christian doctrine that speaks of immeasurable love for our human nature. So even when you strike the most miserable, the most monstrous, when you go blind from evil, the answer you will receive from us is love and “forgive them God does not know what they are doing”, a sentence first uttered more than 2000 years ago by the first martyr Stefan, whose day is celebrated today in the Orthodox world. In these days of great Christian holidays, we are witnessing the Golgotha ​​of one of the best among us, someone who is rarely born, a human greatness who has been waiting for thousands of years. As a Champion, Novak landed in that distant country where he experiences inhuman treatment that is indescribable and inexplicable in the 21st century, as they say about society and the state of a high degree of civilization, Novak will emerge from that dark province as Champion! – said Serbian boxing representative Vladimir Mironchikov.