Slaven Ristic – a successful businessman at the head of the BS Republika Srpska

Sport without a strong business structure, the capital that is the engine of life of a sports community, cannot reach the heights written by talent. Behind a strong sports team is always a strong and successful man who runs all the turbines and is a builder of great results through all the necessary logistics and support he provides to the main actors of sports arenas. This moment is especially important when a sport starts from the margins or when it returns from a deep sleep caused by previous managements and events of many years. Every start is difficult, but if people in key places bring all their energy with a clear vision of prosperity, then a champion story is guaranteed.

We have this case in boxing in our area. Successful people, full of enthusiasm and will for a complete renaissance of tribal skills in the Balkans, set out on campaigns to realize their vision. Among them is the newly elected president of the Boxing Association of the Republic of Srpska, Slaven Ristic, a successful, accomplished man who has constantly growing results behind him, who supports talkative people and has a vision of progress. At the election session of the BS RS, which was held in Bijeljina, Ristic won the race for president and promised to put this institution on the ladder of high values ​​of the sports map of the Balkans.

One of the first tasks of the new convocation of the Boxing Association of Republika Srpska is to strengthen ties and cooperation with the Boxing Association of Serbia, so a meeting between the two presidents Borovcanin and Ristic is expected soon.

BSRS and BSS already have a golden thread that strongly connects them, and it is about the representative of Serbia, Sara Ćirković, who lives on the route Bratunac – Srebrenica – Mali Zvornik. The great hope of boxing between Serbia and Srpska won a silver medal at the European Championship in the junior category a few months ago and confirmed its class.

The new president of BSRS pointed out when taking office that he will do his best for the prosperity of boxing in our region, that he will work to move as many people with the same vision on that path and that noble skill is a tool that will make our society responsible. and responsibility is the key to progress and a better tomorrow.

The celebrated ex-Yu boxer and champion Tadija Kačar was against the candidate Ristić in the election for the president of BR RS. 18 delegates voted for Ristic, two for Kacar and one abstained.