The spectacle in Belgrade marked the World Tribal Skills Day


The most spectacular celebration in the history of tribal skills, which was held in the heart of the Serbian capital, marked the International Boxing Day. The cream boxing scene across the meridian gathered in the capital of Serbia, where the spectrum of events promoted the day of one of the oldest sports in the history of human civilization.

The image of the flags of all countries of the world in front of the monument of Prince Mihailo, the ring and young boxers in a line in the colors of the Serbian flag has traveled all over the world. Republic Square in Belgrade was full of history, of sports greats who left an indelible mark in the history of the greatest global sport, which has its detailed description in Homer’s Iliad written around 657 BC.

A kind of homage to boxing in the Serbian capital consisted of a series of events organized by the International Boxing Federation (AIBA), the Boxing Federation of Serbia and the Government of the Republic of Serbia. At the beginning of the celebration in the Belgrade City Assembly, the seventh force was addressed by AIBA President Umar Krelev, one of the best boxers in history Roy Jones Junior, BSS President Nenad Borovcanin, famous Serbian acting maestro and promoter of the 2021 World Boxing Championship Milos Bikovic and German Lebanese boxer of Zeina Nasar origin. The President of AIBA Kremlev also laid a wreath at the monument to the Liberators of Belgrade in the presence of Deputy Mayor Goran Vesić.

Despite the rain that threatened to cancel the central celebration on Republic Square, the main actors showed that boxing is indestructible, that it does not recognize borders, that it breaks down obstacles and erases conditions. It was raining and the boxers were dancing their dance for a large number of boxing fans, and the magnificent and unusual sports scene could be watched in a live TV broadcast on TV Arena as well as on the official youtube channel AIBA.

The spectacle in the heart of Belgrade was opened with a public boxing class by a man who holds championship belts in four weight categories, including middle, super middle, light heavyweight and heavyweight titles, Roy Jones Junior, accompanied by boxer Nasar. After them, representatives of domestic clubs came on stage and presented the Serbian boxing school. This was followed by matches whose repertoire was opened by champions at the youngest age, followed by fights of ladies of confirmed champions on the European scene, as well as our and foreign aces in the men’s category who did not spare themselves and showed all the splendor of this sport, skill and skill, always with gentlemen. ending with a hug and congratulations to the opponent.

The entire program, led by Serbian stars of art and acting Miloš Biković and Andjelka Prpić, was interwoven with an extraordinary music program in which musical aces Goran Bregović were presented to the audience, guests and athletes. representatives of Serbia at the Eurovision 2021 group Hurricane and Senidah, as well as KUD Abrashevic by performing a mix of Serbian traditional games.

The special stamp on the whole spectacle was put by the legendary boxing champion Roy Jones, who, in addition to his boxing skills, also showed his musical skills for which he is also known all over the world and sang famous songs from his albums.

AIBA Secretary General Istvan Kovac, AIBA Ambassadors Roberto Camarello and Said Tagmaoui, as well as current boxing stars Alexander Kizhnyak from Ukraine, Bakhodir Jalolov from Uzbekistan, Albert Batikazev and Russia attended the celebration of World Boxing Day in Belgrade, which ended with spectacular fireworks. Krasteva from Bulgaria. The entire event was financially covered by AIBA and its general sponsor Gazprom. Official congratulations were sent by the presidents of Serbia and Russia, Aleksandar Vučić and Vladimir Putin, who are great fans of boxing and help a lot in the development of this sport.

Boxing is magic that never passes, fire that never goes out, gunpowder in fists that never burns. Belgrade and Serbia are the hosts to whom the whole world takes off their hats and to whom everyone is always happy to return, which is the message of the world boxing scene which is looking forward to coming to our capital where the World Boxing Championship will be held from October 26 to November 6. 2021