Serbia is a country of the 21st century

Through the centuries, Serbia has struggled with various misfortunes, but it has always emerged from all stormy winds with dignity, standing firmly on its feet, stepping forward as a champion through the times of the future. And now that the whole world has fallen into a magnitude due to the coronary virus pandemic, Serbia has done everything to continue life under our sky in the harmony and rhythm that was valid before this plague that conquered the planet in 2020.

Serbia is a country of the 21st century, a country of the future, of eternal heroism and a positive attitude, a country that has always received all well-meaning people under its wings. She proved it through the centuries, and we had new proof through the organization of the World Championship in Olympic boxing in 2021 for men.

670 boxers, a total of 1390 tribal actors, including coaches, members of professional staffs and delegations of all selections that arrived from all over the meridian, paraded through the Serbian capital as part of the 21st World Boxing Championship for men. The head of the organizing committee of the World Tribal Skills Festival was the President of the Republic of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, and our capital became the only metropolis on the planet that twice in history was the organizer and host of this competition, for the first time in 1978 and now again after 43 years. A record was broken with the participation of 101 countries in this competition, which from October 24 to November 6 wrote new pages in the history of this sport in the Serbian sports beauty, Belgrade Arena, with a broadcast on TV stations in 89 countries.

The 2021 Men’s Olympic Boxing World Championships were marked by novelties as well as records. From the fact that this was the most massive World Boxing Championship ever, to the fact that it was organized in a modern format, by the standards of the Olympic Games. For the first time, boxers received financial awards ($ 100,000 for first place, $ 50,000 for second place, $ 25,000 for third place). The medals were made of pure gold, pure silver and bronze. Serbian boxing has seven rings, 100 bags, 1000 boxing gloves left for the development of the boxing school.

The history of world boxing got a new record holder in the character and work of the Cuban Julio Cesar La Cruz Perace, who reached the fifth world gold in Belgrade, along with the two Olympic ones he won in Rio and Tokyo.

The guests of this championship, which started with a spectacular opening ceremony, with a parade of all flags of the participating countries, an unprecedented stage performance in the Arena, and finally concerts of domestic and world music stars, were ambassadors of this championship: the legendary Roy Jones Junior, who is actually Michael Jordan of world boxing when you look at all the results he achieved in his career, Serbian actor and producer Milos Bikovic, Said Taghmaui French-American actor, screenwriter and Hollywood star, lover of noble skill, former world boxing champion Roberto Camarello, German Henry Maske former multiple world champion, ex Yu boxing legend from Vardar to Triglav… The competition is 90 percent funded by AIBA’s main sponsor, Gazprom.

After 26 years of fasting, Serbia won a medal at the World Boxing Championship. In the heart of our Belgrade, the historical medal and the first in the history of independent Serbia was minted by 23-year-old Vladimir Mironchikov, bronze in the category up to 80 kilograms.

The finals of the day were marked by the full stands of the Arena, a spectacular picture toured the whole world. Serbia fulfilled its mission at the highest possible level and gave homework to all future organizers of this event. At the end of the last final day, the captain of the men’s boxing team of Serbia, Vladan Babić, handed over the AIBA flag to the next organizer, Tashkent (Uzbekistan).

Since the beginning of the organization of the world boxing championship, there has been a complete flowering of boxing in our area. The boxing halls are full again, they have started to become popular with the youngest ones.
With the end of the World Boxing Championship in 2021, boxing in Serbia will not stop, on the contrary, new campaigns are underway, the construction of the National Training Center is underway, which will raise this sport to the very top of the world in the future. Our national team members are already turned to what is to come next year, the European Championship, as well as the qualifications for the Olympic Games in Paris.

Serbia is a country that always looks forward to the future!


  • Opening ceremony of the 2021 Olympic Boxing World Championships. Belgrade, Arena



  • Fights of Serbian competitors at the World Boxing Championship 2021.