The Serbian boxing team on Zlatibor is catching the momentum for the hot finish of 2021.

Through the rose of verts to new medals for Serbia. The Serbian mountain paradise Zlatibor, 365 days a year, is full of tourists, athletes, excursionists who are always welcomed and hosted by the hosts at the highest level. A large percentage of our athletes and sports federations choose Zlatibor for the basic preparations of national selections, such is the case with boxers.

Serbian youth boxing teams expect great competitive challenges in the finish of 2021, the most important of which is the European Championship, which is on the program from October 13 to 25, 2021 in Budva. The overture for the Old Continent Championship will be the “Greatest Open” tournament in Lazarevac (August 20-22), then the Vojvodina Golden Glove (August 30 to September 6), which will bring together a large number of domestic and international boxing aces in competition. youth.

The professional staff of the youth selections of Serbia has made a plan and program and thresholds of effort for each boxer individually and every day they are working on the realization of the planned.
Participants in the preparations on Zlatibor are: young women under the leadership of selector Mirko Ždral (Andjela Ilić, Sara Ćirković, Kristina Marković, Sara Škapik, Anastasija Nikolovski, Aleksandra Tepavac, Sanja Mitić, Dragana Jovanović, Emilija Draganović, Anastasija Bošković, Minja Jovanović), young people under the leadership of selector Nenad Vasiljevic (Mile Jovanovic, Vukasin Tepic, Miroslav Ivanovic, Ilija Colic, Momcilo Janjic, Darko Djukanovic, Uros Cingelic, Luka Ivic Jukic, Radomir Jovanovic, Uros Veljovic, Edin Suljic, Uros Milosevic, Dario Tomic, Rastko Simic, Stefan Krasnic, Ahmed Mavrić, Marko Gavrilović, Ognjen Tatarski, Srđan Radaljac, Jovan Gavrilović, Filip Milenković and Marko Zlatić).

While the Serbian boxing youth is honing their form on Zlatibor, the cadets are forging medals at the European Championship which is being held in East Sarajevo.