Judges stole Serbia at the World Cup in boxing

The sixth day of the competition at the World Championship in Olympic boxing for men in 2021 was spent in thefts by judges and direct damages at the expense of the Serbian national team.

At the very start of the first session, the young Serbian ace Omer Ametović boxed against Temirtas Zusupov from Kazakhstan, 46-48 kg, where the direct decisions of the judges were against our boxer, which cost him the victory. The second theft in the match of our Pavel Fyodorov in the category up to 63.5 kg, who fought against the Turk Kerem Oezmen, followed. The end of the day was marked by the biggest theft, which started like the previous two, by awarding the first round to the account of the opponent of the Serbian boxer. Serbian champion Almir Memic fought against German Kevin Schumann in the 75kg category. The first round was a clear victory for our ace, but the judges worked against Serbia again, which was their all-day mission.

“Almost identical thefts happened in the first, third and fourth match of Serbian boxers, when the referees gave the first rounds to their opponents in front of everyone, even though those rounds were pure victories of our boxers. The biggest theft happened in the match of our Memić, where the referees sponsored the victory of the German and, in front of everyone present in the Arena, made a scandal by declaring the winner of the match a German who was not even halfway there. Immediately after this shameful decision was made, Jovica Panić filed an appeal in front of the BSS and the AIBA judges’ commission is expected to sit, to review the recordings that we immediately reviewed and which show in detail that the victory was stolen from Serbia and our Memić. This is a stain on AIBA, especially since they lost their organization at the Olympic Games in Tokyo at the Olympic Games in Rio due to referee machinations “- explains the vice president of BSS, Slobodan Đurić.

Serbian national team player Almir Memić cannot accept the decision of the judges and does not accept defeat.

“I think I was convincing, better in the first and third rounds, I did my best maybe more. The opponent boxed dirty, which can be seen in every video, and the judge in the ring did not even warn him, while he warned me non-stop about everything, my every step. For me, this is a great experience, I am oversatisfied first of all because after the match, the president of our association Borovcanin, selector Piperski and coaches congratulated me, but we could not go further than the judges “- said Serbian boxer Almir Memić after the match.