Vladimir Mironchikov, the hero of the 2021 World Boxing Championship.

The curtain has been lowered on the spectacular Men’s Olympic Boxing Championship 2021, which was held in the Belgrade Arena and through which more than 650 boxers who arrived in our capital from all over the meridian marched. The hero of the 21st world championship is the Serbian national team member in the category up to 80 kilograms, 23-year-old Vladimir Mironchikov.

Mironchikov brought Serbia a medal that has been awaited for 26 long years. Vladimir’s bronze for Serbia shines with a golden color. After the solemn ceremony of awarding the medals, the Serbian boxing hero Mirončikov came out in front of the seventh force, where he was greeted by the applause of all those present. Before addressing the media, the president of the Boxing Association of Serbia, Nenad Borovcanin, presented Vladimir with the flag of the Republic of Serbia and the anthem of God of Justice, while the selector of the men’s boxing team of Serbia, Milan Piperski, presented him with the White Angel icon.

“I am proud of the medal. Thank you Serbia, I love Serbia. Thank you for the love I get every day in this wonderful country that is also my country. My heart is here, I will always fight for Serbia with all my heart. I will not stop until I win gold for Serbia “- said Vladimir in one breath.

With great fights, to the last atom of strength, Mironchikov showed how much he is a patriot and how he fights for Serbia.

“From the first day since I came to Serbia, I felt that this is my country, that I belong here. Serbs are people of wonderful souls, warm, full of love, but also brave and they will do their best for their country. Every day everything I feel more like a Serb, I am honored and pleased and lucky to have the opportunity to be part of this noble people, who are fraternal with my native Russia.You are a great sports nation, you do not like to lose, you only recognize victories, you are great fighters and heroes, you love the truth and you always fight for it with all your heart and I was completely delighted with it. You show your feelings openly, when you are happy you do it in the best way You are proud of a big heart, soul, and my heart and soul are now together with you “- points out the Serbian boxing ace.

Vladimir will forever remain inscribed in the history of sports in Serbia, the country of sports, the country of world aces.

“I entered the history of sports in Serbia, a small country, but a great sports force and champion, a huge part of me. The medal of the World Boxing Championship, the medal for Serbia is here, I fought with all my heart for it, I wanted gold, I fought to the last atoms of strength, but simply a higher power decided otherwise. Now we are celebrating bronze, and next year I hope for gold from the European Championship. My goal is the gold from the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024, the podium and the Serbian anthem. I will work on it every day, I believe that I will realize that dream, all for Serbia “- concluded Mirončikov.