Zvezda and Loznica are leaders in the tables of the Regional Boxing League

The Ex YU Regional Boxing League saw the light of day in May 2021 through the first round of this competition, in which eight clubs from all six republics of the former Yugoslavia, now independent states, took part: Red Star Belgrade (Serbia), Podgorica (Montenegro) , Maribor (Slovenia), Vitezovi Zagreb (Croatia), Radnik Bijeljina (BiH), Željezničar Sarajevo (BiH), Vardar Skopje (Northern Macedonia) divided into two groups.

The regional league proved to be a complete success in reviving, strengthening and raising the quality of club boxing, without which there is no flourishing of tribal skills. Under the slogan “for the salvation of boxing”, a joint action was launched to write a new history of this sport, which has been on the sidelines for decades in the countries of the Western Balkans.

During the competition in 2021, four rounds of the Regional League were played, after which, thanks to the victories, clubs from Serbia, Crvena zvezda and Loznica stood out as leaders in the tables.

Next, the 5th round is scheduled for February 2022, while the last 6th round will be held in March next year. This will be followed by a playoff in which the four best teams of groups A and B will fight. The winners will reach the finals, from which the champion of this competition, which shook the Balkans and united sports fans, will emerge.

One of the most prominent boxers of this League is the young member of the Serbian national team, Almir Memić, who boxes for BC Loznica and who was brilliantly represented at the World Championships in Belgrade, where he showed what material he is made of and that he has great deeds ahead of him.

“The regional league is really a good and special sports boxing story, something we are all looking forward to and we are always looking forward to the next round of this competition. I am looking forward to new meetings and I want us to remain leaders on the table and not only that, but to win the title. I will do my best to continue the winning streak of Loznica and I believe in our high achievements. I will never forget the World Cup in the Belgrade Arena, I am still in that dream, I am still held by that adrenaline and the atmosphere that was phenomenal. I want us all to experience many such moments together and to fight for Serbia and bring medals, we can do that and I believe in our great future, and we have shown that we are worth and have a future, “Memic points out.

Serbian heavyweight Saddam Mogamedov, who left his heart on the field at the review of the best boxers in the world in our capital and was one step away from fighting for a medal, is boxing with the same zeal and advocates when it comes to Regional League matches where he fights under the BC Red Star flag.

“Every match of mine is a match in which I leave my heart in the lurch when it comes to Serbia and Zvezda. We had great matches during these four rounds, we remained undefeated and I believe that we will go to the end, to the title, in the same rhythm. I promise top fights and victories “- concluded Mogamedov.